In Home Pet Sitting

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In Home Pet Sitting

Specializing in the Kakaako Area!

In Home Pet Sitting

Insured and Bonded

Our Principles

  • Aunty Chevy Exclusive In-Home Pet Sitting provides Aloha pet sitting in the care and secure environment of your own home.
  • Specializing in the Kakaako area, this USDA Canine Officer will provide your O’hana with the Aloha that both your pet and your home deserve.
  • Daily texts and pictures will be sent for your peace of mind while you’re away.
  • I believe the only thing that should change while you’re away from home is just one thing… ME!

Aunty Chevy’s Story

Aloha, Let me tell you why I created Aunty Chevy Exclusive In-Home Pet Sitting. My first pet sitting experience was due to my next door neighbor adopting persian brother (Dalton) and sister (Diva) kittens. She was going to be away from home for a week and, even though she had a pet sitter coming into her home to care for them, she asked that I check and spend some time with her new babies as well.
Well, imagine my surprise when at day three, I walked into her home to find that not only had no one had been to her home but, the kittens had no food, the litter box was unchanged and they were just about to run out of water as well. The pet sitter actually showed up the day before she was to return from her trip and tried to make it appear as if they had been coming the whole time! I knew right then that not only would I do a MUCH better job of caring for others pets but there was a need for someone to care for the home as well. So in June of 2014 Aunty Chevy Exclusive In-Home Pet Sitting was born.

Welcome to my O’hana!

Home care

Aunty Chevy will not only provide all the necessary pet sitting duties, but as an Exclusive In-Home Pet Sitter, I can make sure your home is safe and secure as well.

Licensed Bonded

Aunty Chevy Exclusive In-Home Pet Sitting is the best professional in-home pet service available in the Kaka’ako area.